Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crimson Arrow

Ok so my mom told me about this band thats her, friends daughters boyfriend is in. My initial reaction was just "". Sounds like some ghetto rumor like, oh I heard it from my sistahs boyfriends auntie grandma cousin. But as she played the music I was like..... ok! OK! I like this, and she played more and I was like ok! I like this a lot! So because I like it, therefore I shall do a blog post on it. Its not even really my type of music but I like it, so I see no reason why any of you shouldn't. The band is from Katy, Texas and are made up of members from ages 15-18 and they will be releasing their first album August 2nd on iTunes. Check out some music from them here. 
Crimson Arrow - Forever by kellan
And Heres an interview they did

Check out the rest of their music on their facebook music page here

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Anonymous said...

Impressive for a bunch of kids in high school! Thanks for the plug!