Monday, June 6, 2011

This is So Cool To See!

Using the images from HighSnobiety some Chinese blogs and what appears to be the website for a print magazine in China. This probably doesnt mean a lot as far as a milestone in my career but, just to see how far this stuff has traveled and people in other cultures with different style and different outlooks on style all can embrace and appreciate my things. Man its crazy and Im super humbled and happy. Thanks! Heres what the article says translated.
" From New York fashion brand ADEEN Funny, full of exaggerated style trend in New York has been a minor celebrity in the world, ADEENADN latest by ADEEN Snapback Cap The brand has always been exaggerated with a creative style hat with the front ADN-letter abbreviation ADEEN brand identity decoration, to create the crystal clear acrylic and neon color so that the texture to the highest degree of attention, this unique concept of avant-garde design trend is indeed capable of producing a good selling point." 

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