Friday, June 3, 2011

Soul Eater

Its such an amazing show. Like so good.... the fashion and style in it is awesome! Like so gooood! The sneakers, the screws as cufflinks, the tie in the shape of an upside down cross?! Some of that stuff ADEEN will be bringing to life. Swag
How awesome was that!? Im already on episode 13 since last night haha!


Unknown said...

Black STar and Death the Kid and the Samurai body guard Mifune are my favs. I watched the whole anime a long time ago. Watch it in Japense with English Substitles it sounds much better- Tristan

Jaden said...

wow!...i didn't know you watch soul eater.I love the animation style its one of my fav's along with DBZ, FCCL, Gurren Lagann, and most of the digimon movies.