Saturday, June 11, 2011

Phony PPl At The Brooklyn Museum

Yesterday my good friend Dyme-a-Duzin had a show with his band Phony Ppl at the Brooklyn Museum. And oh man was it so much better than I had expected. The crowd was huge, the energy was high and the women were mad cute. It seemed like everyone I knew was there, and then some. I know Dymez is a youtube star and all that but can he draw a crowd or what! And I know those people were there for Phony Ppl and not just Theopholis London because they were there 3 hours before he even showed up, and a bunch of people left when Phony Ppl finished their set. I mean a lot of people also came but, you get what I mean. Phony Ppl holds weight. They are definitely something you guys should check out and a must go see sometime live.

Heres some of their songs. Poppin man.

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Wilma said...

it was such a good showwwwww