Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Old Drake or New Drake?

Man I just downloaded a whole flurry of old Drake songs, and they are amazing to me. Like.... he has a completely different sound, he sounds like some other artist all together. Here are some of his old songs
He was so good. Like... he was always good. He just sounds so different. Heres some of his new songs.
He just sounds like a completely different artist now. I mean hes better now, as far as sound and song quality but, you cant tell me you dont miss the old Drake. Like I wish they actually were two different artists and both kept making songs lol Oh well, all I know that its ovoxo ima be at his next show! KARLA! YOUNG MOYSHA!


Korinna said...

wow i've never actually listened to the old drake, just like only heard his new stuff.. your right it doesnt even sound like the same person

ROXY! said...

ive been on drake for a long time and i agree he does sound different but i like new and old drake songs so it dont really matter to me

Unknown said...

Ok, I knew about Drake back when he was just doing mixtapes back in '08. I kinda like old Drake though, but all these artist seem to evolve some way some how these days.

-Nicole Alicia

Anonymous said...

Sidenote: skip to 2:08

Doesn't Drakes opening line in Ransom sound familiar?

Chris Star said...

Old drizzy made some classic joints..

His new stuff is dope but it went on some mad radio shit not even that , his whole swag and flow is so laid back now ... before he hyped me up with it. idk #itsstilllighttho