Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Miley Cyrus is On One

Okay, at 1:29, the girl in Rick Ross' car ACTUALLY looks like Miley Cyrus. 
I laughed so hard omg ahhahha.

Also, Khaled with the Four Loko at 0:55 is classy.

Playboy Does Mars Blackmon

Miss August 2010, Francesca Frigo, channels Mars Blackmon for Playboy's top 23 Air Jordans of all-time. (This video is about a month old, so they've already released their top 23).

The girls are attractive and everything, but this video is kinda lame... It's cute though.

Youth And Freedom Magazine Issue #2

Back again with Youth and Freedom mag, its me, Styling. This time it was for the cover story. David Urbanke told me what he wanted, so I just threw some of my nicest pieces and he chose what to put on the models. Nothing crazy, he wanted to show more of the model and less of the clothing. 

Ok Ok Ok So!

its just one picture but it was so sad it deserved its own blog post! tears :'((((

"Dear Photograph,
Thank you for everything we had."

Drake - Marvins Room Video

Sniped Chris Browns whole shine with this one. OVOXO Chris, No Rihanna, No Drizzy at my next show


oh..... my..... god
Tears and laughs for days b
@rellyOnSMASH nah this is
331843200.jpg (600×448)
332392820.jpg (600×448)
#PlankGang #plankin

Monday, June 27, 2011


Giveaway! ADN Snap Back!

The hat also has a clear acrylic “ass man” charm on the back.  The ADN Snapback Cap also accessorizes perfectly with Adeen’s mirrored acrylic “SWAG” necklaces.  Because ADEEN is such DOPE company they sent over a ADN Snapback Cap for us to give out to one lucky reader. If you want to win one, “LIKE” us on Facebook as well as Adeen and leave a comment below. The contest ends on Friday, July 1st. We will pick 1 lucky reader from the comments section on StupidDope, just click the picture! Good luck!

This is the first time any one has been able to get a chance to win an ADN snapback, so you guys better go in!

Do not miss your chance to win an ADN hat! Might be your only chance to get it for free! You MUST comment on STUPID DOPE! Not on ADEEN! I mean sure comment on everything on ADEEN lol but to enter and WIN the contest you MUST comment on Stupid Dope. Click the picture to go to the page to do so!

Aarab Muzik Mini Documentary

wow! this was beautifully shot. what a great look into one of my favprite producers. ARAAB MUZIK!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cool Pictures Bro

Andrej Pejic 
Backstage of Jean Paul Gaultier SS 2012
Pic from Nana Garmendia
And thats what I does to the competition b

Nolia Clap

Nah but really tho like.... if a shawty could pop her booty on beat to this she surpasses hoe and becomes automatic wifey b i dont care, I WILL find a white girl who will learn or already know how to pop her butt to this song. And then she will learn to do it in a headstand b. She WILL learn. Anyway i Love this song lol

Kreayshawn - Rich Whores

This is a really good song.... Like I really like it. It may be JUST me.... but I think its pretty freakin good bruh. #WOO

Amanda Wachob

Amanda Wachob is an amaaazing tattoo artist from NYC. Her work is so unique with her "colouring-outside-of-the-lines" style. Her tattoos can be so delicate and so unusual that they almost don't look like tattoos at all. 
She works at Dare Devil Tattoo in NYC, so getting a tattoo done by her is not impossible, but she's not easy to book.

via Design*Sponge


ilse de boer

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Need A Girl pt. 1 vs pt. 2


Ok man LOOK! Both classic songs right? Right. Ok but like.... which one is better? This is an age old Question.... Now we ALL know the Pt. 2 VIDEO is better but which song is better man? I personally like Ginuwine better than Usher so like personally I'm going to go with pt. 2 cuz ya know, thats just what gangstas like me normally 'gon choose lol What do yall think?

New Stickers!!!!

lmfao omg ok so IGNORE my friend Erics dirty ass fat foot in the background
BUT! Good News is the new stickers came in! No More GET SOME stickers and from now on these will come in ALL purchases. Aw yeah :D
Which stickers do you guys like better?

Field Mob - Sick Of Being Lonely

This is one of the first songs I've ever fully memorized. Ever. The video was soooooo good to me JUST cuz of Pops aka John Witherspoon. Man, I KNOW y'all know this song, and I KNOW this was your Jam back in the day! haha Seriously I downloaded SO much old 2000's music its crazy. But this one is top 3.

Outfit Of The Day: Last Week Re Cap

So Which outfit did you guys like the most?
Today won't have an outfit of the day due to time contraints! BUT! I'll be back next week with them! Promise haha Lemme know what you guys think!