Monday, May 9, 2011

Nostalgic Cartoons Brah!

Oh MAN! Beyblade, change my whole LIFE b. The whole entirity of my life was changed because of this show smh lol I loved it so much. I went to the tournament and EVERYTHING man. I still have my old Beyblade.... Who wanna beybattle tho????
Oh man effin Medabots b!?! OH BOY! I wish Medabots were real.... like its crazy son. Its crazy I had my whole medabot designed for Y E A R S now. That live action movie would be so good too!!! If it were like a PG 13 movie for the people who grew up on it. That would be amazing man smh

Ok so theese are really the greatest ever. I would wake up for high school and middle school and watch these every morning. The theme songs are forever in my head. It really makes me smile so hard, Im so happy right now :) 

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