Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Goofy Movie

Okay So i've heard a whole lot of talk about Hey Arnold and Catdog and all of those Nickelodean shows and stuff, but they honestly were no match for Goof Troop and Darkwing Duck and Talespin and all the Disney cartoons man. No way were they better. The best example for this is the damn Goofy Movie yo. It was soooooo gooooooddd!!!! Haha heres the best part of the movie here. 
aaahhhh man!
and heres the trailer for some more memories B)
Cartoons are the beessstttt yo! haha Shows how important a soundtrack is when it comes to anything! It can make a movie, a cartoon, a fashion show, a video anything that much more memorable to the viewer as well! Remember that. 


TGroobs said...

I forgot how effing awesome this movie was until now... HA! Too Good!

TheLaurenBrady said...

haha this is the one of the greatest cartoons ever! Ducktales was another good show. Gotta love those early 90's Disney cartoons

Unknown said...

GAHHHHHHHH I Haven't Watched This Since Like 97'. I Just Got Chills Dude.