Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cool Style Bro

Ah man this is entirely too effin smooth. The jacket man. The colors too, they just all go so well together. 
And this!? Aw man. Thats all I can say really. Women know what they're doing.
people need to realize the importance of the way jeans lay on shoes at the cuff. Its one of the most important things in an outfit. If it doesnt lay right it just makes it look sloppy and bad. This is a perfect example of it laying really well and the jean complimenting the shoe. Bravo!
Love the oversized big sweater look + boots look on girls. Mad swag. The hat is too cute too. 
aw man based god. This right here. Id say errthang is wavy except for that hat. lol otherwise hes good bread to the max.
The shoes are the only thing I have a problem with lol otherwise I love this look. Ive deff done this before. Love it, so comfortable.
Oh yeah Junior year errday swag haha I still do this when I get dressed up though. But the Pastel on earthtone colors are alwaayysss a good thing man. Always!
I mean.... its cool and all i Guess.... but I hate seeing this stuff.... like.... YAAWWNN you all look the same lol you would look like a Rick Owens boy band walking down the street on the way to do a concert dressed in costume. Its nice individually but when all of your friends look like you its really time to do something a little different in my opinion


SamSosa said...
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SamSosa said...

Those moccs:)