Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cool Style Bro

The whole classic bad boy american look. I love this style. I just... could totally never pull it off haha This is something that needs to come completely naturally. You also have to be totally American looking... which  I am not! But I love the look b
This is a look thats more like my style. Pretty sure Ive done this outfit at some point in time. I LOVE when T shirts come down under sweaters like that it looks MAD cool. The contrats between the pink and grey is also very nice. A+ outfit, Conan would approve.
Just always wanted a jacket like this, never looked very good on me though =/ #unswag
That Shirt <3__<3 and also Im getting into short sleeve button ups for the summer. Aw Yeah! Oh and the rope belt thing is cool, itd just make the wrong person just look broke lol
This this this this! I looovee this look on a girl! That whole tomboy thing?? So swaggy! and hot haha
Prep girls <3 they are everything I ever wanted man. Blazers on a chick? Sooooo hot + cute. 

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tanyaa said...

I personally think you could pull off the first look tbh.