Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cool Style Bro

Just some cool outfits I found on the internets and decided to share with you. The little details on the first shirt are so poppin man. The whole fur/fox thing in the second is SO cartoony to me man. Aw yeah so good, it reminds me of that outfit I had in that photoshoot in the woods but the next step. The third picture isnt really MY style but I appreciate this way of dressing. It always happens where I like the way someone dresses, but I realize its just not for me lol I hate that though. The pic after it is me My freshman year of college SO on point! Like its crazy how similar it is haha Just not with that crazy cuff. That last pic... those pants say it all #swag

1 comment:

Megan Snook said...

If the second guy was smoking he'd totally remind me of sanji from one piece i swear he wore a furry outfit like that once