Saturday, May 28, 2011

Controversy Around Andrej Pejic

Ok so all of YOU guys know this is not a topless woman on the cover of this magazine but its a man, Andrej Pejic. Now apparantly hes causing a whole lot of controversy because people think its a woman, when obviously (well, not really very obviously) its not. But then that causes even MORE controversy because people are in shock that its a man. Even upset the people over at Oh, yeah, that is a real article by the way. It took me until I really read the rest of the things around it to think that article was serious. BUT! Its just a topless man on the cover of a magazine.... like on EVERY mens health magazine out... I dont get what the big deal is? *jovany shrug* People love to complain! 

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Anonymous said...

"We were all shocked and to gays, it proves that they can now go out and trick us normal men into a night of drinks and fun, then sodomize us when we least expect it."

The use of "normal" bothers me, their ignorance is sickening.