Sunday, May 15, 2011

Barcelona So Far

So here I am Guys! May 15th! My 20th.... -____- My 20th birthday, ugh. In Spain! YAY! Haha so far its been really great. The shopping here is a lot better than I expected. I found some amazing stuff that ill post pictures of later I promise! But here are some really cool interesting stuff I had to take pictures of and share for now. Sorry for the lack of blog posts ive been a tourist the past few days and blogger has been acting up. Check out the beach, my new shoes, eyeballs guts and brains, Assman stickers in Barcelona and more!


Anonymous said...

how much were the bernhard's ?

and who bought em for you?

hustleGRL said...

You should buy yourself some eyeballs cause some of the beckies you be posting be mad ugly son.

Anonymous said...

i.e. you hustleGRL. "Mad ugly"
#ToEachHisOwn Pahahahahahha.

∆DEEN! said...

hustleGRL is the most bettiest of betties so you need tochill all the way out b