Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hey Guys, just wanted to come here and briefly apologize for the lack of quality posts here at ADEEN blog. Ive been trying to get 5 posts a day done and its kind of hard to get that done with a whole lot going on with me and the brand and then other stuff throughout the day. But I promise to really connect with you guys and post more than pictures and stuff. I'll still post up things like that but have more posts that I really connect with and show you guys where I am and hopefully get you to understand better where my mind is at. Where my inspiration comes from and more stuff about my style. Like more shoots and outfits of the day, and HOPEFULLY more USTREAMS again like I used to do. I promise! Ive been slackin and thats no bueno lol But I realize this and I'm going to make good on my promise yall. Hopefully you all see that and realize that in the last few posts, havent been just Betties and a few Cool Pics. 
This is what I wore for my bday btw. 

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FreshnessAndAbove said...

only a dude who actually cares for his viewers/fans and supporters would apologize for you lack of posts...I respect it man...someday you"ll style me or I'll be styling on your level hopefully I'm an aspiring designer/stylist/designer and am inspired by you...everytime I post anything associated with you on my tumblr...auto 500 reblogs, ill shit