Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cool Style Bro

Ah man this is entirely too effin smooth. The jacket man. The colors too, they just all go so well together. 
And this!? Aw man. Thats all I can say really. Women know what they're doing.
people need to realize the importance of the way jeans lay on shoes at the cuff. Its one of the most important things in an outfit. If it doesnt lay right it just makes it look sloppy and bad. This is a perfect example of it laying really well and the jean complimenting the shoe. Bravo!
Love the oversized big sweater look + boots look on girls. Mad swag. The hat is too cute too. 
aw man based god. This right here. Id say errthang is wavy except for that hat. lol otherwise hes good bread to the max.
The shoes are the only thing I have a problem with lol otherwise I love this look. Ive deff done this before. Love it, so comfortable.
Oh yeah Junior year errday swag haha I still do this when I get dressed up though. But the Pastel on earthtone colors are alwaayysss a good thing man. Always!
I mean.... its cool and all i Guess.... but I hate seeing this stuff.... like.... YAAWWNN you all look the same lol you would look like a Rick Owens boy band walking down the street on the way to do a concert dressed in costume. Its nice individually but when all of your friends look like you its really time to do something a little different in my opinion

Cool Pictures Bro

So happy I met him yesterday :D

Nicki Minaj Rules The World b

lmao this video is too funny. What a bad ass little kid, hes gotta be what like 11? Lol hes hilarious though

Monday, May 30, 2011

Coco And Breezy Love ADEEN!

Aw yeah lookin real fly giiiiirrrlllllll :D 

600 Ainniversary of The Astronomical Clock in Prague

Well wow. I feel like Ralph Lauren used the same kind of technology for one of his fashions shows on the front of a building one year.... either a show or a presentation or a store opening. Either way, its amazing, heres another video of it in different places.

Asappl Magazine Write Up

A lot of nice things said about ch'boy in this one here. Read the rest of the article by clicking on the picture.

Sorry Guys! Outfit Of The Day Will Be Back Soon!

My in house photographer has been away for a few days but hes back today! So tomorrow they should start back up! In the meantime enjoy some hilarious pictures of me at the prom I went to! haha

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Songs For Right Now

Aw yeah in that good mood feeling!

Lady Tragik

When I go out to LA man.... smh we out
I see a whole lot of familiar faces on her site... and a lot of faces I would LOVE to get to know lol LA! This Summer! Everyone check out the rest of her stuff! Shes great!

Never Pee In The Amazon River

omg so scary what!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Copy, Paste

Oh Boy. Baby Bro. Gettem. Album Comin Soon. Ah Man. DIGG IS LIKE!

Controversy Around Andrej Pejic

Ok so all of YOU guys know this is not a topless woman on the cover of this magazine but its a man, Andrej Pejic. Now apparantly hes causing a whole lot of controversy because people think its a woman, when obviously (well, not really very obviously) its not. But then that causes even MORE controversy because people are in shock that its a man. Even upset the people over at Christwire.org. Oh, yeah, that is a real article by the way. It took me until I really read the rest of the things around it to think that article was serious. BUT! Its just a topless man on the cover of a magazine.... like on EVERY mens health magazine out... I dont get what the big deal is? *jovany shrug* People love to complain! 

@RellyOnSmash Blogs: 140 Characters Wasnt Enough

Ok So @RellyOnSmash blogs for YouHeardThatNew.com every once and a while and when he does..... Hilarity ensues. This time its about how Luxury Rap and Gas Lights not mixing. 
Ahhhhh shit! Relly is BACK with the second installment to his prolific “140 Characters Wasn’t Enough” series. Today’s topic: “Gas Lights & Luxury Raps Don’t Mix” And GO!
Welcome to another edition of 140 Characters Wasn’t Enough. Where the women have pretty feet, the lemonade is simply raspberry and the gas prices are sky fuckin’ high. We all are going through the gas struggle right now and the shit is out of control b. Absolutely nothing is more stressful than that gas light coming on, shining vividly right in your face. Then you gotta do that slow miserable stroll inside of the gas station to ask for $20 on pump 4. Yeah, 20 dollars, anything less than that makes you look like a refugee. Now a nigga like me? I stretch out the struggle and ride around with my gas light on until I feel like my safety’s in danger. That’s when your gas needle is BELOW E, fuckin’ lower case e. At that point your car’s not even riding on fuel anymore just hopes and dreams.
Now when you’re on E and that gas light is gleaming with that day ruining glow, there’s certain artists you can NOT listen to. If your gas tank is empty you can’t hear Rick Ross spittin’ lines like “I’m At The Car Lot…I’m Going Broke!” NIGGA WE AT THE GAS STATION GOING BROKE! This nigga’s rapping about quarter kilos and I aint even got a quarter tank. NAH YO. You hear lines like that while your gas light is on you just want to kill yourself b. But I came up with a perfect solution to get us through this gas price pain and agony. Here are the type of artists you should be listening to, depending on the level of your gas tank. Walk with me

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dark Skin

Interesting. I deal with something similar in the way where I'm a mix. Who and what I identify with. I used to wish I was white with blonde hair and blue eyes because thats who all the girls liked in middle school. And then early in high school i totally and completely neglected the white side of me to try and be cool like the people in my school who were all minorities. It wasnt until I really got my self together with the whole style thing that I realized that.... I was just happy being myself and accepting every part of me. Its tough though, no matter what Race or color you are.


Cee-Lo I Want You Video

The video version is really really good.... Almost better than the CD version. I LOVE his outfits. I wouldnt personally wear them but his whole style and image is amazing. 
So GOOD. Best album of last year. Well... that and Rick Ross

Rev Run DJing on a Laptop With Assman Stickers

Awwww yyyeeeaaahhhh!!! B)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cassie Wearing The ADN Chomp Hat

Oh yeeaahhh swag! She might even wear it on a cover of some magazine who knnoooowwsss woooaahhh!!! lol ok yeah so im happy :) Thanks Jason Rembert! (not pictured above)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Hair Is Gone

Not so bad right? lol
This is what I look like with short hair here (past photoshoots):

Its not SOOOO bad right!? lol Thoughts?