Saturday, April 23, 2011

Topics For Discussion: Gentleman

Ok So...... First of all there SHOULD be no such thing as a perfect gentleman or a way a man should act. I think its sexist and wrong. There should just be a way for a human to act and treat someone with respect and decency without setting a guideline. And SECOND of all, whatever existed of that, doesn't exist anymore. I'm so glad. I HATE that whole stupid, guys should act like this or like that or blah blah blah. NO! A Girl should like me for me, whether I act stupid, dumb, crazy, wild or like to grab her butt in public. As long as I don't disrespect her than everything is all good. I think that whole, no I won't curse in front of you thing or like.... well whatever it is Gentleman do thing is so dumb. As far as my relationships, I honestly call my girls "b****" and "ho" all the time. Like.... in a cute way. I don't say it with hate or disrespect, I actually say it very playfully and they always laugh and realize that. They like that I have that comfort level and treat them as if they were my friend, and I can joke with them the same way I do with anyone else. But at the same time they wont accept disrespect from me and I know when is appropriate to make those kinds of jokes and when it isn't. Some of you may not think its cool to call them that, but you simply don't understand my relationship with people.
Just Treat people how you want to be treated. I don't believe in any standard or set of rules or etiquette for people to act, except for just being a good person. Treat your girl with respect and love, act and be who you are and if she doesn't like you for that than.... yo she isn't the girl for you and you need to get rid of her lol find a girl who you can joke with and be her friend before anything. Thats just my opinion and views on things though. Thoughts???


TGroobs said...

"have that comfort level and treat them as if they were my friend, and I can joke with them the same way I do with anyone else." WORD! Respect and being able to joke around or not take me serious all the time are two very important things with me!

Anonymous said...

Exactly!!!!!! i hate that whole " a man has to be chivalrous, never hit a woman,be the provider (a woman can work and earn $$$ too ya know!)

but especially the whole hitting a woman thing.............I hate how we claim theres equality amongst both genders yet little things like this still exist........I'm not sayin to just randomly hit a woman....but dammit if shes tryin to attack/assault me, you best believe I will put the beats on her.....and for that matter why is it always you should never lay your hands on a woman? but a woman can hit men whenever? shouldnt it be no person should lay hands another period?

also women dont ever have to pay for shit? Its like so long as they give up the puss, they are exempt from havin to pay for shit....

Anonymous said...

Domestic violence is any abuse committed by a man or woman to someone they are related to in some way, be it spouse, child or significant other .

Emotional abuse may include calling him/her names,(even if you think it's cute)and unwanted sexual touching in public or in private.

None of these things are even remotely ok.
that's my nickel's worth

nia said...

i totally agree: you can say certain things as long as theyre jokes,but only to some extent. most ppl tht believe in this "gentleman" are close minded women...most guys tht i like or was with arent gentlemen wich is fine bc nowadays most boys arent raised to b gentlemen and who rele wants one...w my group of friends its sexy to see ur guy get angry lol...where i draw the line is when a man puts their hands on a woman bt it depends on the reason
idk those r my thoughts

big fan ur doin dope things and i cant wait to see wat u do nxt keep up the good work <3

TheLaurenBrady said...

I would have to agree with what Remy has to say. I think its cute to be able to joke around and it makes a good relationship in the long run.

However, the anon post about hitting is messed up.

Anywaysss thanks for another great discussion topic Remy!! :)

Unknown said...

I have a thought that you could not be more right about this.. Men being themselves are the sweetest, more honest and kindness men to treat a women! Fake atitudes are not my thing at all! so well said :)

Dale OGunfowora said...

This is how I look at it...if a female likes the way you act/are than good for you! If she dosent....too damn bad!
Dont change S H I T for anybody!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Rem, I think that if you call a girl a bitch or hoe, you really need to expand your vocabulary. If my man said that to me, i'd put him in place.