Friday, April 22, 2011


I think the reason I've always loved flowers is for many reasons. One being they just are the most pure example of beauty but... I guess because of this one thing from the Lion King I remember as a kid. They said the circle of life was like, The antelope, eat the grass, we eat the antelope and when we die, we turn into the grass which is eaten by the antelope. Which at the time was a total mind freak, but like.... watching anime and stuff and me being the weird sick kid that I am ahaha I think thats so cool. Like... a field full of flowers could be the souls of thousands of dead people or something. Like.... The more gruesome the death the more beautiful the flower blooms. Now, this is only cool to visualize in an anime, its totally not cool to think about with real people... its just gross. But I dont ever really visualize things in live action in my head. But in anime it looks really cool and crimson and bright colored and beautiful :D 

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