Friday, April 29, 2011

Upscenely Lazy Sundays

hells yeah im gon be derrrr! And Im coppin that tee, swag! And The Heirs are gunna be there !? Hell yeah im goin.

Fonzworth Bentley - Venice Beaches

Man oh man this was a good video. Great song too exactly what I expected from Mr. Fonzworth. I'm definitely going to go download that tape. 


Transformers 3!!!

Oh Man! OH MAN! Transformers 3 looks freakin epic! Hahaha like.... No filler, just straight to the robots fighting like we want. #2 was better than the first and the 3rd just looks incredible. The girl, like Ricci said, looks like she does nothing at all but looked scared and pretty lol

Cool Pictures Bro