Thursday, March 17, 2011


Ever since I was little I've always been obsessed with the bad guy. The "Evil Villain" in the shows I watched. I feel like the animator put so much thought into the design of those characters more than that of the Hero. The Hero is supposed to have a general appeal that is a little more bland. But the villain is someone who is supposed to be eccentric, and a little crazy, evil laugh and all. I think the, crazed, evil smile is the most influential thing to my life, as far as cartoons and drawings go. I think every villain should have a crazy, evil smile, the way Kid Buu was. Just laughing all the time because he knew he was so strong he couldn't lose. The kind of confidence that always brought that evil smile to their face. Also the way there eyes were drawn were always amazing to me. They were beautiful, bright colored and evil. Something about them just is so alluring to me. The bad guy, the villain, the evil doer trying to take over the world always appealed to me more than Goku ever did. Please don't think I'm crazy or evil or anything after this. Just saying what inspired me and has been an inspiration.

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