Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Random Sources Of Inspiration

girls with good heels are like... amazing. Especially when its matched up with good pants, with a good cuff to fall on them. A lot of people underestimate the importance at the cuff of a pant and the way it falls on a shoe, for heel and sneaker.
Feathers are like... The most amazing things. I am a BIG huge animal admirer. I won't say lover, because I eat animals and wear animal skin and stuff, but when I was a kid and didn't know about all this EXTRA stuff and just saw them as what they were. But I loved birds and had Zoobooks and stuff. Its always hard to incorporate feathers into fashion stuff without looking tacky or cheap lol I'll do it somehow! haha
It took me a few seconds to realize what this was but... This is Saturn. That shadow in space and on its ring is like... a mind game haha It makes it seem small almost... but like... Jupiter is huge! I dunno this is a crazy image to me.

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La Jodi3 & La Couture Also Known as Jaelin B. and Tiara H. said...

This image looks like the ends of a scissor cutting a black circle!