Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jim Jones Everybody Jones Video Shoot

oh snap whats that?

Crazy day yesterday! Pardon the lack of blog posts! But here is some of what I did yesterday. At Jim Jone's Everybody Jones video shoot and he was wearing one of the hats, and also the video girls were wearing the new ADN necklaces! So happy! haha make sure to check the video out!


Miguel E. Acosta said...

You make me so happy man. Keep up the great work. I know that you're gonna go so far bro.. maintain the tunnel vision #schway


∆DEEN! said...

thanks thanks!

Rachel said...

soooo cool
you're getting there i can see it
but thanks cuz you inspire me
we young ppl are taking control... :p

Mj Sistare said...

Oh shit! aha,ae fuck yeah bro,Jim Jones wearing your hat ! swag bro .

Nia said...

congrats!! my jaw dropped (in a good way)when i saw Jim Jones wearin your ADN hat!! I was smilin like this was my stuff! (shows how much i love this blog)

thanks for being one of the few things that inspire me!...keep up the good work!

∆DEEN! said...

ahhh thank you thank you! :D

Anonymous said...

Do u know the name of the leather he is wearing with the lime green? Nice hat btw