Thursday, March 3, 2011

Favorite RoseHood Pictures

To Celebrate the re stocking of our Roses in both Black and Red, I've Decided to bring back some of my favorite images from the RoseHood campaign I did to promote them initially. Now its your guys turn! Its been long enough, and I'm sure enough of you have one for you guys to send pictures of you wearing them in. I'll make blog posts with you guys wearing yours! And if you don't have one yet... well why not? lol We won't be restocking them forever you know! Send Send Send! 


Nia said...

hi first i wanna say im a big fan of your work and you have inspired my style beyond belief! but question: r u and great scott stylists for this years Rip the Runway on BET?

please respond and once again im a big fan


∆DEEN! said...

Hi thanks!

and no we werent stylists this year for BET sorry!

Marlène Wang said...


Nia said...

oh :/ thanks for respondin tho and i can't wait to see future projects from assman & ADEEN