Tuesday, March 1, 2011


this is the kind of beauty that inspires me
same statement
dem lips man
well megan good
Sneakers and tattoos
her body looks weird 0_0
but nice!
i LOVE bandeauxs on girls

Ok soooo, people have been telling me MY reasons for posting all of these betties. The reason I do, is because beauty inspires me. And I find women incredibly amazingly beautiful, and inspiring. Not because I want to tell you how I think any of you should look. Some of them aren't even my type lol beauty is beauty and it inspires me. Also doesn't mean that I ONLY am inspired by beauty or ONLY value beauty. Its just one of those things you know? Like the tentacles. So... Yeah thats my reasons!

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Anonymous said...

Please check out Shay Maria. Definitely one of the finest girls out there. And she recently did a photo shoot for a website called The Chive for their "No Photoshop Shoot" week and she looked even better than before.