Thursday, March 31, 2011

Howling At Hades is OUT!

Just click to donwload baby!

E.T. ft Kanye West - Katy Perry Music Video

Oh and my good friend Shaun Ross can be seen towards the end as Katy's love interest! Congrats Shaun!

De-Constructed! Styled By Yours Truly!

Mateus is such a good model! Check out the whole Launch issue here!

Levi's Event!

Met a whooollee bunch of really cool and great people at this event. It was a great event, and totally gave me a few ideas for when I have my next event. Was so great! After this I got straight to work and all the new ADN Stuff. Busy day!

Jim Jones Everybody Jones Video Shoot

oh snap whats that?

Crazy day yesterday! Pardon the lack of blog posts! But here is some of what I did yesterday. At Jim Jone's Everybody Jones video shoot and he was wearing one of the hats, and also the video girls were wearing the new ADN necklaces! So happy! haha make sure to check the video out!

ADEEN! X Chiv Culture

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I don't really mess with the song too much but the creative direction in this video is something else!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


At it's finest.

Image Dump

Howling At Hades


Will always love blondes the most though... Sorry! Blame Android 18

Two Great Albums

I mean... Crunk Juice was a classic... But Fat Joe's All Or Nothing Album was great. So many good memories to these songs. Crunk Juice was an amazing album though ahaha I don't even know how to describe what that was, but it was mostly other rappers rapping and not so much Lil John, or the Eastside Boys. And this was definitely Fat Joe's last good album too. Here are some tracks.

Cocoa Bella New Song, Fly Girl!

Poppin song from a poppin woman with a poppin beat. Download here!

Monday, March 28, 2011

ADN By ADEEN Coming April 1st

ADN by ADEEN is the newest line brought to you by the good people over at ADEEN! and CHRISHABANA. This collaborative collection is mix of CHRISHABANA's traditional Gothic style blended with ADEEN's fun, cartoon, pop style. Think of it as a Gothic Cartoon, inspired by certain villains from cartoons from my childhood and recent ones. Designed by myself, Rembrandt Duran, with guidance from Chris Habana I deliver you a collection I've been wanting to come out with for a very long time. Consisting of 3 different snap back caps, 3 acrylic necklaces and 2 post earrings, the ADN by ADEEN line is my first line of Jewelry and I hope you guys enjoy! Its a bit different from what I've been doing but, you can see how its similar. Heres a first look! Prices range from $12.00 - $180.00. Full release set for the first week of April. Detailed product shots coming soon.

Yohji Yamamoto in conversation

Your not able to embed the video, so click the here + enjoy.

In The Mourning - DJ Green Lanturn

Woah, this is good.