Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yesterdays Photoshoot

Soooo I'm at home yesterday at my house after getting my VMan magazine and my friend Shaun Ross calls me to tell me to come to this photoshoot hes doing. So I hop in a cab and head over there. When I get there its sooo nice! ahaha The clothes were amazing, the models were pretttyyy recognizeable haha and the stylists and everyone working there were SO nice. As soon as they saw what I had on my head (New ADEEN product ;D) they loved it and even asked to use it for the shoot! And later I found out that the shoot was for VICE Magazines March Issue! And famous model Ohmayra Mota wore it :) Sooooo Im Super excited about that haha She even wanted to buy it on the spot! Now... I know it seems like I'm just hyping my own product up but... hey I'm just proud okay you guys!? And just for you I snuck some shots from the shoot featuring models like, Shaun Ross, Ohmayra Mota, Wiktor Hansson and Noma Han. Enjoy!

Alllll of these models are amazing models its crazy! They all like... transform when they are getting their pictures taken. But all in all it was a great day! Thanks Shaun! You da best!

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testing said...

its Noma Han!.. i love him :)