Tuesday, February 8, 2011

VMan Kanye West!

Here is what Ricci STEEZ had to say:
"Yeah so I'm chillen downtown today with my boy Remy (Jimmy Vega) and we roll to VMAN to support and cop the new issue. We bought two copies each... Figure 1 to save as a collector and one to check out and use reference I guess.  The spread with Ye is sick and really motivating. Lagerfeld did a great job with the photography and it was put together super well. The magazine is dope as hell and style never looked so good. So I guess it hits all stores tomorrow, be sure sure to cop!  Comes with a real dollar too.... u hype? Yeah you hype. LOL.The previous one with Nicki Minaj was fly too. Yezzir! - Ricci"
And what I have to say is, VMan is by far my top 3 mens magazines. BUT! The Kanye spread was really short. And they way he dresses lately is soooo boring and repetitive. BUT! Thats just me lol ANYWAY! Its a dope collectors item and a great read. Get it! It hits stores today!

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