Thursday, February 24, 2011

Random Sources Of Inspiration: Summer Wars

At the moment there really is nothing more inspiring style wise than Summer Wars. If you ever see the movie, which I HIGHLY suggest you do, you see how beautifully the characters are drawn and designed. The movie is like if Murakami met the Digimon Movie and they had the cutest, most awesome baby ever born. And as you can tell by the characters above they are just incredibly well designed and even stylistically inclined. Honestly if I could resemble any cartoon character in the world it would have to be the top character, Love Machine. Taking inspiration from Thai culture and Japanese culture and combining them into one to create that character came out so well. King Kazma is almost the opposite of Love Machines design. It definitely took inspiration from American culture and fused it with Japanese culture. Also an awesome design and stylistically crazy nice. I wish I had both of those outfits and could make them look as cool as those characters did. I still want to do a photoshoot where some one does graphics like Love Machine and makes me look cool like him haha. Look up Summer Wars and watch it! You Wont be dissapointed!