Monday, February 28, 2011

Image Dump.

Just some cool pictures I come across via; tumblr/internet.

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Topics For Discussion: Self Esteem

Hey you guys I'm back this week after a 2 week hiatus from these things. They just take a bit more time to write than I'd like to have time to. But back this week I have a topic of self esteem and self image issues people have. I understand but at the same time I don't. I used to have a real problem with self esteem and self image issues but overcame them in time. Not because I got cute or whatever, but because I found what really makes me happy, and I realized that the only person who is guaranteed to love you even if no one else does... is yourself. What made me realize this is when my father left. I realized that even if my own father would leave me, and he "loves" me. The only person who is really gunna be there for you and love you is yourself. So When i see people saying "omg why cant I look like her" or "ugh i hate the way I look". I just want to shake that person and tell them to appreciate the way they look. You will never be happy if you don't like what you see. Accept who you are and be happy you look like YOU and no one else. No offense to the twins to who read this. And there are some things people can do to work on their appearance. Don't complain if the things you are un happy about are 100% fixable. I don't mean to sound to come off as mean, rude or non understanding. I just know what some of you feel and felt. The thing that helped me feel better about myself and made me a lot happier was finding style. Which is a little ironic because a lot of people say that fashion and style is a superficial industry that only makes people hate what they look like. But, here I am completely happy with myself because I found fashion and style. Now, style may not be your instrument of happiness, but there is something out there for everyone. And there are always your friends and family you have. I've been lucky enough to have grown up to look they way I do and I feel incredibly lucky and am thankful. But even if I didn't grow up to be "good looking" I would still be happy with the way I look and who I am. Because I am happy, and I have found people who I keep around me who I am happy with. Life isn't all about looks, but being happy with who you are as a person and acceptance of who you are. Learn to love YOU. Or you will never be truly happy. 

Phony PPl ft Dyme-A-Duzin - Does He Really Though

Such an amazing song. Dymez is so talented man I swear to everything. Him and Nero are the next up. I bet everything on that. The next greats.

Coco And Breezy: Be Your Own Artist

Stop Bullying!
You see me swag surfing in their dropping some knowledge haha enjoy!


perfect outfit, seriously
dont even care if ive posted it before
such a babe
Those collarbones
love her
Nice Leggings tho ma
black and white

Just A Reminder: ADN by ADEEN

Karl Kani Vintage Ads

Found these on complex. Damn... They look so cool. I mean... If anyone dressed like this now, it wouldn't look cool at all. People's perspective was totally different than it is now, as far as style goes. Its crazy to even think about how that changes and what brings about such change. Who even KNOWS what made pretty much every one decide this wasn't cool anymore you know? And I wonder if Karl Kani brought back some of its nicer pieces would it be accepted or shunned. Even if it were to bring back these ads and use the rappers of today. Would be interesting to find out.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tommy Hilfiger: Spring 2011 Ad Campaign

The fictional Hilfiger family in Stripes,Seersucker and madras accessories.


Everything I love on one picture
beauty marks
oh man shes perfect
beauty marks <3
style is crazy

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