Monday, January 17, 2011


My mom gets alerts from Google every time ADEEN or my name is mentioned and she came across this and thought it was really cool. She showed me it and I agreed! ahaha I love the idea! I don't know about the name Ralph as I think of an old man every time lol But Roxy its a great idea and I think all the female bloggers should definitely do it! Maybe something like... Tommies, or Jimmys... maybe?  I duno it goes a long with Betties lol But! I love it!


ROXY! said...

i think i like jimmys better too

Mel said...

I thought you got "betties" from the Australians. Its common for women to be called betties and men to be called dudes.

Rembrandt Duran said...

Oh no I got Betties from the movie Clueless haha