Monday, January 10, 2011


One of the greatest anime series' I've ever seen has to be 'Kenichi:The Mightiest Desciple'. If you have Verizon Fios then you get the Funimation channel which shows nothing but anime ALL DAY! ALL NIGHT! Kenichi is one of the flyest shows on their. The story of a kid who could hold his own and then trains hard as hell to become of the greatest fighters. Introduced to Ryōzanpaku, a dojo which houses some of the most powerful martial artists known to man kenichi gets ill fighting bigger and badder foes. The point of all this is the motivation I got from a cartoon. Never give up and train hard (grind) hard to reach the places you need to be. Ugh just fly. Dope fight scenes, busty cartoon women bodies and great story lines. Check it out! - Ricci

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