Monday, January 3, 2011

Inspirational Images

I really can't put my finger on it but there is something about this GIF that is just soooo wow to me. The eye on the left > the eye on the right. But they are both beautiful. The eye in general is just a beautiful thing but.... when the black part is small and it shows all of the color and ugh yes! I wish I could make everything inspired by that ugh qihdbiqbsAasb so pretty
As You All know by now I am completely in love with Pokemon and the original ones were the GREATEST! Blue Red and even Yellow. The original "PRESS START" screen was sooooo great. It would just be the trainer and the sprites and images of the pokemon available for capture. I remember the first time I ever played I let it sit there and wait and tried to see all of them. Which one I would Capture. To incorporate that into a online lookbook and Show my pieces like that. I would love to do that. I can't wait. 
THIS! I love this so much, Reminds me of something my friend Nandi would draw. And it looks like a Drawing of Avalon or Flues. Short haired women are suchhhhh an a + for me! The colors and the illustration is just UGH. Ok yeah there ya go :D

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Mara said...

The gif is from the movie, "Requiem for a Dream"