Friday, January 7, 2011

December 4th Photoshoots: Week 2

All Photography by Alice Plati
Sorry for the delay on the first weeks pictures, that is honestly no ones fault but my own! They are still being worked on and hopefully will be up by TONIGHT! HOPEFULLY! Because I go on vacation for a week and I will have special guest bloggers blog for me while I am gone :) :) But! Back to whats at Hand! Above you see the wonderful photographic work of Alice Plati once again! She always does an amazing job of taking some popping pictures of me. Hit Read More to see the rest of them! OH! And HustleGRL Edited the first pic haha 

All Photography by Alice Plati


Unknown said...

great pics and great haircut :-)

Anonymous said...

that shape up is too sharp! love the pics & love this blog!

worth the wait!