Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Currently Inspired By

You guys actually have no idea how much I wished this were true....
For this to actually happen to me lol But besides that fact the color scheme of the image it self and the actual Red Version itself is something I love. The Reddish Purple with the Yellow is just really really nice. Choosing and selecting colors can be SOOO vital for pieces to a designer. 
Soooooo stickin to similar color scheme, with the Purple Lookin stuff and the Yellow and hints of Red. What an EPIC picture though. I wonder how this happened... I think its Pearl Harbor but I'm not completely sure. But either way its a pretty powerful and inspiring picture.
There is something gross yet beautiful about Bird's eyes. Something enchanting about them. Again I'm not completely sure about what KIND of bird it is, all I know is that its beautiful, from its eyelashes to the color of its eye, to the color of the skin and contrasting feathers around it. It just reminds me of and looks like luxury, or something luxurious.
Nothing right now is better than Daft Punk to me. They are all I've been listening to for the past couple days. From their style to their music, everything about these guys is just inspirational and beautiful. Also all of their photoshoots have so many artistic and style aspects to them. Ugh so good.
All I have to say about this really is colors colors colors.... Okay so I have more to say than that haha The texture and the lighting and just... literally everything about this picture is great. Makes you wanna poke it with a stick or dive into it. Or make it a print on a dress. Beautiful.

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