Monday, January 31, 2011

Pokemon is The Devil

lol omg

In for the kill- Jim Jones

Jimmy drops some bars on this La Roux mix. The hook isn't so bad either.


Jude :D
wassssaaaaaapp nice tattoos ma
dat face

Deff My Fave Song Right Now

Songs Of The Moment!!!

"Tell her if she want it she should Assman Pantie Cop
Thmm nigga I Don't see how you can't be stopped"

"I hear the beat I snap, my ADEEN attached
Jimmy riding with me, he a g for that."

Cool Pictures Bro


ImSoLoveNYC x ADEEN Giveaway: Limited Edition Pink Rose & Pantie Set

ImSoLove Says:
L.O.V.E is in the air as we introduce our newest giveaway as promised one every month for 2011 and this month is the “Month of L.O.V.E so what better way to give a gift then roses and panties curtsey of ADEEN & ImSoLoveNYC. Click after the jump to see how to enter and win !
There are Two Ways of entering this Contest So heres the ways:
1. Twitter
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Thanks To ADEEN !
Thanks To Eric For The Editing
& Thanks To YOU The Fans ! We L.O.V.E You

Interview With Urban Latino Radio Part 2!

Shouts to everyone who came out yesterday to the event and made it great! And thank you to Coco and Breezy for staying the WHOLE day with us haha Pics will be up later! For now enjoy this interview :D

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Reminder! Tomorrow! Art In Motion Pop Up Shop! And Radio Show!

Come through tomorrow! I'll be there all day! Come say hi to us! Me, Ricci and Nunnie! Don't forget the Pop Up Shop also! Only time you can buy the Pink Roses in person you guyyysss!! And all the other stuff if you Haven't gotten what you wanted yet! Come! Say Hi! Have Fun!

Boogie Presents Thumpin Thursday! February 17th!

Also going to be fashion week celebration for ADEEN and all that good stuff! Dope performances and great music. Come through! Only $10 and no age limit. Lets do this you guys. Will be Crazy!!!

Cool Picture Bro

Apparantly Ricci STEEZ Kills
im laughing so hard
awwww this is love
i wonder what he said
Ughhh Pokemon YES

I Can't lol

This is why I try and avoid making the same face in every picture. 
I Never want someone to make a GIF like this for me. omg I wanna die
This is tooooo funny lmao