Friday, December 30, 2011

Can We Get Hermes All The Way Out The Paint?

Nah nah nah nah nah nah like for real we need Hermes up out of here for this bafoonery Ecko lookin sh*t. For real. Like seriously seriously seriously. I swear I will smack the life out of a hypebeast or Sufu head that wears this man, I swear. It really looks like a corny Sprite commercial, man.

Scientists Cure Cancer But No One Takes Notice...

Canadian researchers find a simple cure for cancer, but major pharmaceutical companies are not interested. 

Researchers at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Canada have cured cancer last week, yet there is a little ripple in the news or in TV. It is a simple technique using very basic drug. The method employs dichloroacetate, which is currently used to treat metabolic disorders. So, there is no concern of side effects or about their long term effects. 

This drug doesn't require a patent, so anyone can employ it widely and cheaply compared to the costly cancer drugs produced by major pharmaceutical companies. 

Canadian scientists tested this dichloroacetate (DCA) on human's cells; it killed lung, breast and brain cancer cells and left the healthy cells alone. It was tested on Rats inflicted with severe tumors; their cells shrank when they were fed with water supplemented with DCA. The drug is widely available and the technique is easy to use, why the major drug companies are not involved? Or the Media interested in this find?

In human bodies there is a natural cancer fighting human cell, the mitochondria, but they need to be triggered to be effective. Scientists used to think that these mitochondria cells were damaged and thus ineffective against cancer. So they used to focus on glycolysis, which is less effective in curing cancer and more wasteful. The drug manufacturers focused on this glycolysis method to fight cancer. This DCA on the other hand doesn't rely on glycolysis instead on mitochondria; it triggers the mitochondria which in turn fights the cancer cells.

The side effect of this is it also reactivates a process called apoptosis. You see, mitochondria contain an all-too-important self-destruct button that can't be pressed in cancer cells. Without it, tumors grow larger as cells refuse to be extinguished. Fully functioning mitochondria, thanks to DCA, can once again die.

With glycolysis turned off, the body produces less lactic acid, so the bad tissue around cancer cells doesn't break down and seed new tumors.

Pharmaceutical companies are not investing in this research because DCA method cannot be patented, without a patent they can't make money, like they are doing now with their AIDS Patent. Since the pharmaceutical companies won't develop this, the article says other independent laboratories should start producing this drug and do more research to confirm all the above findings and produce drugs. All the groundwork can be done in collaboration with the Universities, who will be glad to assist in such research and can develop an effective drug for curing cancer.

You can access the original research for this cancer here.

This article wants to raise awareness for this study, hope some independent companies and small startup will pick up this idea and produce these drugs, because the big companies won't touch it for a long time.
Now I hate to be the one to call conspiracy theory, and throw all these things out there but... It really does make sense that the big pharmaceutical companies won't pick up a cheap cure, when their making big money off of costly treatments. Not that I'm saying its good or smart, but I can see the correlation and reason for being corrupt. But I have a hard time believing the world really really works like this. I still do, and kind of always will. I refuse to believe their is really that much greed and evil in this world for people to really not jump on such a cure if it really exists... maybe I'm naive but, I have faith in humanity I guess.

Best Of The Breakfast Club

Ohhhhh man I love this show. The only reason I would ever listen to the radio. And I really really mean that lol Here are the best moments of 2011.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Not Only In NY

Check out my mom's tumblr with all of her photography, and #veryveryrare photos of me lol

So Go Follow Her!

Complete Technique X Nike Snowboarding Boot

THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! Inspired by Saint Seiya (Warriors of The Zodiak is the english name) These are designed by brand, Complete Technique and oh man these are freakin GENIUS and amazing and I want them SO BAD. I'd really wear them around everywhere omg. Genius. I'm actually jealous I didn't get to design these myself.

Hell On Earth 2k11

Yes. One of the best songs on one of the best tapes of the year. Great video too. I'm just waiting for the video for I Want It. 

Shit Black Gay Guys Say

Damn this is SO accurate. Shaun Ross, Synkami, Daver, every queen I know is just like this lol

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jay-Z Making Yeezi 2s Look Like Nike Shox

Jay takes yet another L

smh bad move just before they release. Makes them look horrible lol To ME anyway. 

I Kind Of Wish These Came In Mens...

I'm not the biggest fan of non original colors for Jordans, but I am a big fan of the color purple. But unfortunately these 4's only come in small sizes.... So you're gunna see every spanish girl from Queens rocking them =/

Priests Start Scrappin In Church

Damn 2012 is coming man.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Baby Bomb From TTG

Hey remember the guy that ruined the end of TTG?
Yeah this is what he looks like... no wonder he ruined that song

Rihanna Copies Again

oooooohhh Ri Ri why you stay actin up? Lol what directors do you keep hiring that just be steeaalllinn lol 
According to says she copied Sølve Sundsbø and his work with shadows and lighting. Looks like she didn't learn from that whole david la chapelle business

No Church In The Wild Freestyle

Naaahhhhh Rozay Back! He killllled this. His flow is perfect for this. I swear he should've been on WTT.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Drake Gets Aaliyah Tattooed on Him

Thats him on the right. Uh... Thats cute for Drake... I guess... lol I mean... I still don't get the whole Aaliyah thing at all, I really really don't. He wasn't old enough to really be so attached right? Either way shouts to his tattoo.

Lil Kim Teaser

These pictures are actually on point. Looks like it could've been an editorial for something. Too bad she's going to be trying to be gangsta at 45 years old in 2012 and dissing Nicki Minaj again. She could really make it again if she just made music with people like Diplo and Rye Rye and house or go-go sounding people. Like Amanda Lepore and stuff. She will never be great again appealing to a lost audience of hood rats and old gangsters. 

LIl Wayne and Kanye At The Lakers Game

This picture showed up, and just caused havoc all over tumblr. It was joke, after joke, after joke, after joke! They were coooookkkkiinngg Lil Wayne for his choice in outfit, especially next to Kanye. EVEN THOUGH! Personally I really don't mind Lil Wayne's outfit too much... And Kanye's outfit was getting waaaayyy too much praise. But the comments that stuck out to me most were HILARIOUS AND AMAZING. Well these two are really the ones that stood out to me.  

After these two I was finished. I went to sleep. It was over. 


SO! I am the happiest Mexican Jew on Christmas ANYWHERE! My mom and nana knew exactly what to get me :') This year they really went all out. A pair of Rick Owens, a Cambridge Satchel bag, Sanrio Space Boots, Beats By Dre headphones, a whole freakin Gumball Machine and a Comme Des Garcon wallet :))))))) Oh and a bunch of disposable camera's like I wanted. 
Oh and Andrej brought me these back from Tokyo! Can you say best Christmas ever?
I hope you all had a great Christmas too! And I know it isn't all about the gifts, as I'm 20 now, its about time I start to realize that. I was very happy to have spent a very nice day with my mom, nana and best friend. Christmas to me was not a religious holiday, but a much needed day of relaxation and celebration. My parents love today, as they get to see my expression and glee when I open my gifts. I got my nana a custom one of a kind pin that she liked a lot when she saw me design it. I got my mom a special breakfast she would never get for herself. They were both very happy, and that made me happy :) So aside from the gifts, (which were amazing) it was an excellent day. Now back to work!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

Eric Be Bored And Making Some Cool Stuff

 He's so clever yo

ADEEN in Zink Magazine

Yay! Looks so cool :) Shouts to Zink!

Cool Science Stuff

Aw yeah. Science is awesome. Molten potassium chlorate is a strong oxidizing agent that reacts violently with sugar. Gummy bears have lots of sugar in them.

David Banner ft. ASAP Rocky and 2 Chainz

Wow Rocky Bodied this something crazy

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Some Pictures From The Shoot in LA

Here a few of my favorites pictures we took when we were out in LA! Styled by Ugo and Daver.