Monday, December 27, 2010

Waka Flaka May Be One of the Greatest Artists Ever To Me

And I am completely serious. I hope him and his Music lasts forever. He is the Death Metal of Hip Hop. People focus too much on his "negative" message but Sex Drugs and Rock And Roll is ok? He is PURE music, PURE feeling PURE emotion and PURE sound. Not too much thought. Just FEELING. You cant say you dont feel anything listening to Waka. And he KNOWS hes not the most lyrical person. Which is what I respect the most almost. Not all music should make you think. Then it wouldn't be art if it was dictated to be a cerain way. Some music should just make you move and dance. Like how a baby moves when it hears music. It doesnt hear lyrics or message just a sound. Thats what Waka is to music and I think he knows that. He just doesn't know how to say it. I feel like putting too much thought into music can distort it and make it fake. Just like when you design clothes you shouldnt think about clothes! In my opinion it should be pure imagination! Just like Music! Thats why Dancehall is AMAZING. You dont even need to understand what they say but WOW does it make you wanna dance and move! I feel like Waka is opening a lane for people that want to just make Basic music thats all about feeling and pure sound. Thats the difference between poetry and rap. NO rap is not poetry with a BEAT! Rap is MUSIC, Poetry is SPOKEN WORD!!!! Waka is the man. Period the end. He is great.

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