Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Just wanna keep you guys up to date on what has been going on over at ADEEN. Now, I can't tell you EVERYTHING because not everything is final and set in stone. But what I can tell you is that by this summer, you can wear actual ADEEN garments. Yes, like clothing and all that. BUT! Not to say its an actual collection, but a few pieces I feel stand out and are really poppin lol As far as accessories I will be working with a few different designers on new accessories with some new materials and some familiar ones. With designers you might not have heard of, some brands you know of, and some people you are VERY familiar with. Also! I will getting more and more involved with NBRHD as more and more episodes of ADEEN TV come out. You guys don't even knnnooowwwwww how much footage we have lol Its rediculous, but in a poppin ass way. The great thing about NBRHD is that not only can you keep up here with the blog and the pictures and all this good stuff. But you can also see a lot of the process oh how it was done and how it went down through NBRHD. OK! This is getting a little lengthy now, but one last thing. I really want to get more involved with people and the readers and supporters. SO! If you guys leave comments on certain things (which PLEASE, can you guys comment more lol) and ask questions I will make Videos and post them on the blog answering a lot of them. I will also do special posts where Its specifically for commenting and leaving questions. Annnddd last but not least tell me if you have any suggestions for us here at ADEEN! 

Thanks for reading!

- Remy


Anonymous said...

Your blog is truly dope. I love it. I'm going to have to shout you out on Alee's Perspective.

∆DEEN! said...

Thanks Thanks!!

Nia said...

Im kinda new to adeen so im looking forward to see what the new year's gonna bring to the blog.
im a "comment" kinda person so you'll
probably see my name alot

Anonymous said...

yo did i leave my glove at your spot the day of the pop up?

J scott

Makeda said...

i can literally look at your blog all day. so much inspiration and beauty. its pretty freekin rad! :)