Friday, December 31, 2010

Some Of My Favorite Albums of 2010

Rick Ross had THE best album of the year in my opinion. It Had EVERYTHING. A song for everybody, every mood and every day! I Still play all the tracks from the album(except that wack song with Diddy and Trey Songz).
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh AND THIS ALBUM! Designed to perfection oh yeah oh yeah. Unlike Rick Ross album, it is a little one dimensional. Many Moods to it in the songs, but has one sound really. But that one sound.... is AMAZING! Cee-Lo's best album to date for sure. But what they do have in common is.... The album covers lol 
If there is any album on this earth that could make someone feel like... becoming a better artist or becoming a kinder person, THIS album will make you feel like that. Guaranteed. Should be a broadway play!
And the surprise Great Album of the year is Miguel. It is actually S O G O O D. Pretty much every song on the album is on rotation on my itunes. The songs he does really captures the unique voice of his. A huge range of diverse sounds and tempos really makes this an underrated album. SO good.
For an album with succchhh horrible album artwork it was a REALLY solid album. That the songs get better about 6 months after its came out. Every song on the album is good, except Cece's interlude. BUT! I can finally really appreciate the album. Congrats on the debut Drizzy!


Christopher said...

Teflon Don!!! was excellent, and I miss Drake:(...he better pick it up!!! as For Janelle Mona'e...She's grogeous and is a fashion icon in my book

Anonymous said...

you didn't like Cece's Interlude?

Anonymous said...

oops, I mixed up Cece's Interlude with Bria's Interlude. nevermind..

Anonymous said...

you left out "my beautiful dark twisted fantasy." that was the best album of the year. teflon don was the best album, until kanye dropped his album.

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