Friday, December 31, 2010

Childish Gambino! Its On!

Donald Glover aka Troy aka Childish Gambino Releases his New Years Song


lol these are just awesome pictures
Hyper Beam
Yo Mewtwo is so G
Yo Pikachu You Good b?
And this is how you feel after you finaly hit it lol


OOOHHHH shhhhhheeeee and her hair and just ugh
omg dat hair
She makes me wanna cry tears of love lol
This is just a great photo

Best Show Ever

One of the best shows ever... In the world. Of all time. Ever. The Wayans Brothers was literally the funniest show on TV! I think it was funnier than the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Family Guy, South Park, ALL OF THAT! Wayans Brothers is a CLASSIC SHOW that didnt even get a final episode!

Some Of My Favorite Albums of 2010

Rick Ross had THE best album of the year in my opinion. It Had EVERYTHING. A song for everybody, every mood and every day! I Still play all the tracks from the album(except that wack song with Diddy and Trey Songz).
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh AND THIS ALBUM! Designed to perfection oh yeah oh yeah. Unlike Rick Ross album, it is a little one dimensional. Many Moods to it in the songs, but has one sound really. But that one sound.... is AMAZING! Cee-Lo's best album to date for sure. But what they do have in common is.... The album covers lol 
If there is any album on this earth that could make someone feel like... becoming a better artist or becoming a kinder person, THIS album will make you feel like that. Guaranteed. Should be a broadway play!
And the surprise Great Album of the year is Miguel. It is actually S O G O O D. Pretty much every song on the album is on rotation on my itunes. The songs he does really captures the unique voice of his. A huge range of diverse sounds and tempos really makes this an underrated album. SO good.
For an album with succchhh horrible album artwork it was a REALLY solid album. That the songs get better about 6 months after its came out. Every song on the album is good, except Cece's interlude. BUT! I can finally really appreciate the album. Congrats on the debut Drizzy!

NBRHD The Great Scott Life pt 4

Special Guest Appearances by Me, Ricci STEEZ, Sway Of MTV!!
Dope footage none of you guys have ever seen before from Fashion Week!

Kanye Is Making A Video For All Of The Lights

YEEESSSS!!! So happy! I wanted a full on All Of The Lights Video! Thhhaankk goodness! Ugh yes so happy. But DAMN that cameraman went SO hard to get that footage hahaha on the roof and allat!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

OH SNAP! I Know What I Want As A Tattoo!

OK so lol MY MOM is deff going to flip when she reads this but oh well I love you mom this is much later in life lol BUT! I want a chest piece and I always have but I dont want words I want an image or a cartoon anddd I think i finally found something I can deal with!! 

A Set of Roses across my chest! OOOOHHH swag yes lolol I wanted floral print on my body and I think it'd look soooo nice! Kind of like this

Except not shiny and moving lol but similar to that! I think it'd look awweesssoommmeeee!!!

ok sorry mom don't kill me lol this is like when I'm 30 and stuff :D :D :D


Our family Meldebardge Deejayed Tribeca Film Festival in Ferrari Land a couple months ago.

*Bonus Meldebardge Dougie swag*

The Spades Castle

“[The] Spades' particular, nostalgic, classically American taste has been massively influential in the past ten years,” recounts Amy Larocca in her well documented piece on the Spades for New York magazine.

And Kate and Andy Spade’s fingerprints can be found all over their Park Avenue apartment. Though big enough for them and their daughter Bea, it’s not enormous. It manages to be preppy without the whiff of the restricted country club—a little goofy, whimsical even while still feeling familiar. From their framed family photo gallery displayed on an end table to their quirky collections, their stockpile of books to their hand loomed oriental rugs, it collectively emanates an honest version of themselves. Todd Selby recently spent some time with Kate and Andy in their Upper East Side apartment documenting their beautiful space. I’ve culled my favorites below. You can see all of the images at The Selby.

Lil Wayne Just Signed T-Pain To Young Money

This was my series of reactions to this news in order

December 4th Photoshoots....

Week 1 is soon to come...... Almost done. Sorry for the wait you guys! Here is a little sneak preview ;}

Photography by Wilma Hathaway
Edited by Eric Narvaez

Favorite Jordans of all time.

*Bonus Michael Jordan swag*

Why I've Been Posting SO Much Pokemon

Is because if you KNOW Pokemon and you know the story behind it and how it started, its quite inspirational. Pokemon started being developed in 1990 and released in 1996. They were so proud of what they made and they knew they had a hit on their hands. Due to poor timing and other circumstances it was not an immediate hit. It didn't sell as much as they would've hoped. But they kept at and revamped it and made it into what it is today. The most iconic cartoon characters since Mickey Mouse. Pokemon not only is a beloved childhood cartoon of mine but also an inspiration style wise and business wise. To Read more about the story click here

Perfect Comebacks

I've been coming in contact with a BUNCH of pictures that are perfect comebacks to what people (mostly anonymous) say. 

This first one is For when people come at you or insult you. 


"Your Such A Hoe!!!"

"Omg your so ugly I hate you so much!"

"Dude you suck!"

And..... You win lol Theres no real comeback, cuz you can just perpetually send it over and over and uhhhh you win. Just gotta be able to take the burns! Nahm sayin?!


OK Soooo not to cause anyone to get a seizure or anything lol
I just think its a really dope ass picture.
And the fact that I recently just got an old Game Boy with Yellow Version and Red Version. Been Playing Yellow Version for a good time now and... I think I like it better than Red and Blue. I mean Red and Blue are CLASSIC! And I do feel like the sprites (character images for those who don't know) Were better in Red and Blue because they matched and went with the theme better. What about you guys? Red, Blue or Yellow? And if anyone has a Blue for sale HOLLA AT ME! lol

"I'm A Motha F&%@! Monstah!"

People already made GIFs of this video lol from last night. But daaammnn
That last one.... lol 
And that Kanye thing was my favorite part!
ok Im done being a stan lol
lol fuhreal


Shes like a really pretty version of that La Roux girl
Look at that view
Style, Check. Hair, Check. Cute Cheeky look, check.
o0o0o0o0o0o hhheeyyy there
I love everything about this
Well damn.... I think I'll end this here