Friday, October 1, 2010

Octobers Very Own

I'm Back to blogging Religiously. I WANT THEM 60,000 views a MONTH BACK SHAWTAYS! GET READY FOR AT LEAST 4 BLOG POSTS A DAY!!!! Ok heres a few pics of me livin my life lol My weekends and shiiiittttttt but yeah! Ive been having a lot of fun but now to have fun blogging! 
Nunnie and I with a Skirt on lawl
Late night McDonalds walk through windows. Oh Hey Connor
Bout to smack the LIFE outta Guy lol
Epic Part in my hair hahahah
Jude tooookkk diiissss

Just thought youd enjoy a few pics into my LIFEEEE

Oh btw i retired the dangly earring. #ontothenextone

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