Sunday, October 3, 2010


I want to be a model. I always have. Not for the money. Not for the women. Not even really for the clothes. But for the art. The photography and the image I would be able to portray through the outfit and the pose. I know obviously I can't just say I wanna model and it's going to happen. I have to a be certain height and have a certain look to make it in that industry. Something I honestly Know I just don't have. And I've come to terms with that. But... I refuse to not kill every photo shoot and every outfit I wear when being photographed. I LOVE having photo shoots just for fun so I can model and really create art (in my eyes) through clothing and my person. I am not what the "industry" is looking for, but I can create images people hopefully like and love by having fun, painting a picture and projecting a vision through and outfit and a pose. I can live out a dream by doing what I love for fun. And thats what its all about... Fun. Have fun with EVERY and ANY endeavor you decide to follow up on. I have a vision of having photoshoots in the most amazing of places and just having fun in front of the camera and projecting a feeling.
Like.... I just wanna be off center, slightly to the right with a bright Infared Blazer and button up (Kinda like how Kanye has been wearing) with black skinny jeans and High top Black Diet Butcher slim skins, with my hair slicked back and a pair of Black Ray Bans on Posing like I normally do all crazy and stuff. UGH! I wish I could draw it in!
Like here... as an Egyptian God of Anubis inspired outfit. Fur Skirt But with  a fitted hat with Jackal ears on the side, some sort of top (cant think right now) crazy Gold Chains all same length and texture layered, with Brown Vintage Ralph Lauren Boots. UGGGHHH!!!!

And many many more placessssssss!!! I know the outfits sounddd crazy but..... In my head I look incredible lol have my outfits dissapointed you yet though? C'mon I knowwww what I'm doing I promise its dope! Ok yeah Im Done! Its all about fun! Remember that! Get Some!


Anonymous said...

nowwww i'm hype to photograph you!

Mr.BHGM said...

You might now be what the industry wants, but you have something different and sooner or later you will be noticed. Coming from someone short as well, it is definitely possible. I'm an acquaintance with a dude named Max Schneider. He is probably 5'6 and he had a whole campaign with D&G with MADAONNA!! Pursue the dream and don't give in. You got it

Anonymous said...

your amazing.... but u did disappoint me once... those hammertime-esque pant you were were wearing at the madbury shoot... eh i prefer the skirt lol