Sunday, October 17, 2010


lmaoooo I DONT LOOK LIKE THEM! I keep hearing has anyone ver told you.... fuckk ouutttaaa here. lol im way cuter (lol jk... kinda haha) But cmon fucking Prince -____- I'm a little straighter looking than him. Shia I just dont see AT ALL and Joe Jonas MAYBE when I had diff hair. But he can eat 2 dicks. Even though he smashed Taylor Swift. lol But YEAH! Stop saying I look like these people people -___-- please? lol


Ronnie said...

lol@ joe jonas oh come on he aint that bad...although i do know a girl who is a dead ringer for prince.. but yeah i get told i look like random celebs all the time too- guess that just means u got star quality eh

Anonymous said...

shia's hot. just sayin.

Anonymous said...

why are you such a hater?