Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Geeks 'Nd Fashion

Sooooo I was told to watch over my friend from Londons friend from Germany who has come to NYC to experience new things and just learn about life. I learned she had a blog and I checked it out. Its pretty cool and pretty detailed. Like... her daily stuff and allat. She dresses really well and it gives you a different perspective of the city of New York from a non Americans view. If your interested you should check it out! She dresses well and shes pretty cute lol Click the picture to go to the blog. Heres a mini bio she gave for me! Check it below V

Welcome to my world! I`m julia, a 24 year old blogger from Germany, moving to New York right now. On my blog geeksndfashion you`ll find some of my outfits, fashion and other lifestyle stuff! Enjoy watching and I would love to hear what you`re thinking! Just leave a comment and follow me!! xxxxxx Julia

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Unknown said...

thx mister!! i appriciate it!!!!

XXXX julia