Saturday, October 2, 2010


Look what he got!

Remy's words to Jovany: "Yo I really cant get you in man, speak to Karla"
Karla's words to Jovany: "Remy got a pass cause he was tagging along, I really cant get you in, there using passes and bracelets as credentials, its not possible"

Then I (Jovany) saw this ^^^ *tear* lol


Unknown said...

haha I feel srry for jovany,but are those plush roses going for sale anytime soon on adeenyc?

Anonymous said...


Tommy Monti ( said...

Im feeling those pins

yduran said...

coming soon-ish ;)

Working on it as fast as we can.

ESTHER said...

ima need to cop all 3 of those plushies :]]