Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Cold

Makes me want to listen to old gangsta music, like REAL 90's and early 2000's rap. Lots of Nas, Big Pun, AZ, The Firm, Big L and so on. That Real Gutter shit. It makes me feel like I'm more in the music. In the art of things. NYC is such a winter city to me. It just seems to be so cold of a city. Things normally slow down everywhere else in the cold but in the city things seem to speed up to me. Like... maybe because the days are shorter. But... NYC seems scary and to come ALIVE with the cold. The Concrete and Steel jungle becomes more initmidating and hoirrifying but in a beautiful way. Its such a blue city. So... Champion Hoodie and and Tim Boot. So North Face and Low Yankee Fitted. Its so gangster but so beautiful. Makes me think of old Nas Soooo much. Like.... You can walk down the city streets with your headphones full blast listening to "The World Is Yours". Makes me want to take that style and flip it. RoseHood. Tims and a blazer and button up. Gully. That real RoseHood shit. Be SO NYC but so fly at the same time. A Real NYC Style Icon. HA! I wish. One day yo. I'm still working on it. Bare with me Folks. I love the Cold. It inspires me.


Tommy Monti ( said...

The winter is mt favorite season i feel inspired by it just like you said... Outhere in Cali the cold will come around next, im for it lol!!!

Anonymous said...

nice post.

Allistair said...