Sunday, October 31, 2010


Cutest thing ever
Gooooooooddaaanngg <3
Her muuuffuuckin body is flawless
This is the girl in first picture in a couple years I swear haha
That faccceee
This is just a great photo of a pretty pretty girl :)
Well Zamn
Body body body bodyyyy


Dude has been coming with song after song of just great work. GREAT music and a great sound! I'm Sooooooo looking forward to his next album. If you dont know what songs im talking about click the pictures and download them for your self!

Fuck You

Ive never liked a girl like you.... FUCK you for ever hurting me like you did. You have me repeating a song like its the only thing on my itunes.... All I Want Is You... Its been months since we ended but I cant fucking get over you. I fucking hate you because I fucking love you. Fuck you. Fuck him. Fuck me. I'm an idiot. Its hard to move on when you always regret one. You fucking played me.... Whenever I think of prom I'll think of you..... I liked yours way better than I did my own.... FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKK. I need to never ever ever EVER get so involved again. But they dont smile, dont smell like you, dont even cut like you, no they dont photographh, no they dont sex like you, lets face it, I cant replace.... All I want is you. But FUCK YOU

Reminds me of 'Atlantis'!! Presentation was beautiful. Orchestras are tight yo!!

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

First 10 seconds.

Sound familiar?

2:06 mark.

‎"Blame Game" Ye f. Pusha & John Legend sample ... Aphex Twin "Avril 14th" @ 1:20

All sample discoveries from our family AstonMozie'

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Need This Girl To Be My Photographer

RoseHood photoshoot mmmuuusssttt be with this girl! Shes awesome! Shes like 15 too!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Haalllooowwweeennnn is in 2ish Days!

I wanna party HERE! 
But yeah Halloween is here pretty much! I will be partying 3 nights in a row holla! Girls in slutty outfits on deck! hahaha Free parties! Annnddd girls in slutty outfits! Partys will be bananas! Mkae you sure you guys are safe and careful cuz mad crazies out on Halloween -____-
I cant wait for Christmas after though! haha OH! and Hannukah! fuuuckk yeahhhhhhhh Holidayyysss!!!
Oh and I love Kingdom Hearts lol

Up close & Personal

This was toooo killer! I really wanna make a short video/film to release on my birthday this December!

Thursday, October 28, 2010