Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random Sources Of Inspiration Part Roses

Roses have always been a source of inspiration for me. The purest and oldest form of true beauty. Nothing inspires me more than beauty and the feeling it gives you when you see it. That prickly feeling in your stomach when you look at something you find so beautiful. I've loved Roses since I was a kid. When I had my country house out on Long Island we had Rose Bushes in our back yard across from my play pen thingy. When I would play I would always watch them and then go up to them and sneak take some and just look at them. Ever since they've had a place in my head and my heart as something I love. Now that RoseHood is starting up with my people I can really embrace my love for them and introduce them to my line and ADEEN. Expect a lot more to come. 10.10.10.
Thanks For Reading. Stay Tuned



Tommy Monti ( said...

Love the second to last one!

healy said...

yeah, so red and romantic! love it:)