Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Lessons learned from Martin Duran
It's quite ironic the knowledge I obtained from his selfish plan
By his absence and actions I actually learned how to be a real man
The hatred I harbor for him taught me to take advantage
Take advantage of the blessings of a child
Don't run out of it's life times are troubled
Because I hope that every hour he's haunted by my smile
Because whenever I think of him I scowl
By him calling me once a month made me more malicious
By him harbouring another home with two children and some bitch
Made me think about how he'll never be happy and never be rich
He's doomed to a house he helped built with that whore
By his not calling for my birthday shouldve made it my worse day
But it helped me become stronger
Because I've learned to love myself more
Because I hate him
I hate him with all of my heart!
What the fuck was I not enough?!
Was I not what he wanted?
Did I not make him happy?
Was I not a child who could be shown off and flaunted?
I used to cry everyday for 2 years straight because my father 
abondoned me
I used to be ashamed and embarassed because I felt I was too ugly he 
couldn't handle me
But I learned not be afraid to cry because it just means your alive.
That you feel pain like everyone else
Lessons learned from Martin Duran
Ironic that a bitch taught me to be a man


Carlton Yaito said...


Best Post you ever wrote.

Ruth Hallett said...

i remember when you read this to me like 2 years ago. i think your amazing remy, honest.

Mr.BHGM said...

Bro i am dead serious I want you to be a part of BHGM no joke. You are gunna change peoples lives and I wish you find success and happiness

Anonymous said...

Remy this is your father i know i have not always been there for you but, i love you son.

Anonymous said...

amazing post. sorry it has to be that way but fuck it when you become stronger from it.