Friday, September 10, 2010

I Miss Fashion

I've sworn myself from looking at ANYONE else collections and new product unless I'm shopping (which I haven't had time for at all) but I've been looking at a few friends blogs and OMFG some of the shit is ABSOLUTELY amazing and I love it and I miss it so much. Rick Owens is God. Balenciaga is God x2 and Dior and KVA have my heart <3 <3 UGGGHHHH!!! I CANNOT WAITTT!!!! FASHION WEEEEKKKKKKKK!!!! YYYYAASSS TONIGHT! IS FASHION NIGHT OUT! MY OUTFIT IS REDICULOUS! DUDE! hahaha its incredible if I say so myself. Return of the outfit of the day ;D WINNN!!!! :D


Anonymous said...

yo what u gonna wear?

testing said...

YES, Rick Owens is BEAST!!! haha :)

Unknown said...

lol i passed you up in soho and your outfit was pretty sick, didnt get a chance to say hi tho.