Friday, September 17, 2010


I Fuckin Love This Look

So Simple and basic yet so fly. Clothes just look better on some people. Damien is one of those people that makes you stay on your game.

Fly as hell with onlt half an outfit on. Fabrice is deff competition. Makes me step my game up.

Its not even so much his outfit but the way he looks with it. Truly an example of someone making the clothes and not the opposite

Fave picture of him. Too Fly
Carlton... a big threat
The only sneakers he owns are Rick Owens.... So every time he steps out the house he kills 99% of everyone in ANY street.

A lot of people say don't pay attention to what other people wear and just do you and who cares what other people think. I mean I agree with that but.... To me this dressing game is MY sport. I'm not very athletic... but when it comes to dressing and style, its like the World Cup, the Super Bowl and the World Series all combined in one everytime I have a photoshoot (alone or a group one). To see whos pictures comes out the best, whos outfit was better, who was more original, who's set of outfits were the best and most diverse, what new things we had and all that. Its such and an amazing and enjoyable thing to be able to compete as friends with these people. And just as in sports its all based on opinion. Like the Kobe Lebron debate. There will never really be one winner. I will continue to compete until the day I die though. I love doing this. 


Justin Antonius said...

Carlton looks fly.. Nice post..

testing said...

These guys are so awesome!!.. i love how Carl dresses mostly!! rick owens is amazing! :)

Anonymous said...

Carlton, hands down the flyest out of all of you!

ronnie said...

in my opinion, you style it the best regardless...but that guys hair is bloody beautiful.

Anonymous said...

The dudes are great! you too remy <3
however that first pic was deeeeeep! Amazing Layering!